You probably didn’t hear about this – I would be surprised if it made the international news. Certainly it’s not trending in a city near you. This evening shortly after 8pm there was an attack at the central bus station in Be’er Sheva (far from where we live and work).

This sad and awful act of violence injured a half a dozen people and one death led to 11 wounded and 2 deaths. The attackers were stopped by police, one of them killed. Nothing justifies murder and violence, whether instigation or retaliation. Israeli security forces must ensure that no further acts of terrorism are committed, nor that retaliation or vigilantism are permitted to perpetuate this cycle of killings.

Update: There was only one attacker. 2 dead, 11 wounded. One of the dead was mistakenly identified as a terrorist. He was an asylum seeker from Eritrea who had traveled here to get a visa, and was on his way home. After being shot by a security officer, he was further attacked by a mob who beat him repeatedly. According to ynetnews, “Paramedics trying to evacuate the Eritrean to the hospital, who was critically wounded, ran into objection from the crowds at the scene, who blocked their way and called out “Death to Arabs,” “Arabs out!” and “Am Israel Hai” (“The people of Israel still live”).”


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